Eric has had a passion for music and writing since he was a child. He hopes that the example he sets with his art will inspire others like him to pursue their passions and dreams in the face of the many obstacles out there in the world. For him, this is a lifelong pursuit, he's in it for the long haul. 

About Us

We are a global multimedia merchandising & distribution entity. We were created by recording artist/entrepreneur Eric Yih as an independent means for him to showcase his creations to the world. The scope of his work crosses the boundaries of many musical genres & artistic mediums.

Who is Eric Yih?

 "You don't have to dig very far into  my past to uncover the evil things I've done. There's a lot of people  out there like me. People who have lost it all during self-destructive  periods in their lives, people used to starting over from nothing, again  and again. Some of us end up in institutions, some of us end up dead.  Some of us, some of us are lucky enough to make it out alive. I'm not  the perfect success case. I'm a very flawed human being, with a lot of  work left to do. And you know what else? I'm alive, I'm free & I'm  at peace. You can't put a price on that."
- Eric


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