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Eric Yih

Eric Yih on The Local Love Podcast 10/23/2018

"What's Really Happening?" featuring E-Yee

"What's Really Happening?" 

hosted by Luke "El Walgreens" Sauer

on FCC Free Radio

Original Airdate: 03/25/2018 12 pm PST

Guests: Eric Yih, Joshua Barnes & Mike Caesar

*Podcast starts 5 minutes & 10 seconds into the broadcast

Da Maddhouze sits down with E-Yee on KPOO 89.5 FM

 Da Maddhouze sits down with E-Yee to talk about his music, his upcoming tour, and debut his latest single called Lies. 


Interview with E-YEE

 April 15, 2016|Jerica of Futuristic Dreamers

 1. What made you want to be a local artist - Anyone inspire you to pursue this dream?

A: When  I would listen to music as a child the visual that would always pop  into my mind would be of me on stage performing whatever song it was  that I was listening to. One day in 2008 a friend of mine started to  make beats, I sat down to one of his beats and wound up writing a whole  song, “Urban Money (Herb N Money)” Ever since then it's been on. I guess  you could say that once I got a taste of the dream, I knew it was  something that I wanted to chase.

2. How did you come across the stage name "E-YEE"?

A: When  I was in high school I had a group of females that I was very close  friends with. There actually came a point in time (11th grade) that all  my homies had been sent to alternative schools. These girls were  actually the only friends I had left with me on campus. I don't think I  could have graduated without them hahahah. Anyways they had various pet  names for me, one of which was “E-Yih (the real spelling of my last  name) When I needed a “rap name” without putting any thought into it I  went with E-YEE. Thanks ladies.

3. What do you expect your audience or current fans to get from listening to your music?

A:  The lyrical content of my music is taken directly from my life. Things  that I have experienced, things that I have seen, things that I love,  things that I hate, things that pop into my mind. Regardless of genre,  the songs that I have always been drawn to have something in the lyrics  that I could relate to, something I felt like I would be singing myself  hahahah, narcissistic I know. I just hope that 1 person in my audience  hears my music and thinks to themselves “I know exactly what he's  talking about, he took the words right out of my mouth.”

4. Where do you see yourself in five years from now, still performing?

A: Music will always be an integral part of my life. Period.

5. Do you have any upcoming shows coming up?

A:  I will be performing April 22nd as a part of the WatzLocal Showcase and  performing May 12th as a part of the showcase Builder's. Venue  locations TBA

6. Do you remember how we began networking on Instagram?

A: You followed me. I followed back. The rest is history.

7. I have been promoting and following you for sometime now, but for those not following what are they missing out on?

A: A lot of randomness and a lot of spam. They are not missing out on much. Hahahah

8.  I ask all of the local artists I interview, but if I were to look at  your iPhone's music playlist or computer's library - What kind of genres  or songs would I find?

A: You would find a little bit of everything.

9. Where can new followers find your music and follow you on your social media sites?

A:  All of my current release are available in a wide variety of digital  outlets (iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify etc) Just search "E-YEE" ! They are  also all available to stream and download for free on Soundcloud.

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